a.open studio is built on a foundation of creativity and innovation in media production and studio facilities. We’re a distinctively east side LA production company, surrounded by premier centers of art and technology, major studios, and a diverse advertising community. We bring LA’s rich history of quality film-making right to the edge of new media applications.

creative. Our team of directors can work with you and your clients to craft and refine ideas into fully developed scripts. All have strong backgrounds developing brands as Creative Directors, so don’t be afraid to lean into their many talents.

production. It’s not just a discipline, it’s something to master. At a.open studio, we pride ourselves on the ability to achieve more with production. More production value. More deliverables. More of everything, consistently and across the world.

post. a.open studio has full post-production capabilities in-house, all under one roof, including offline edit, color correction to final finishing and delivery. We’re also experts in game capture, VR/360 video, and live streaming. 

a.network. as one group in a collective we have direct access to a full CGI pipeline, VR and digital development, an Influencer Network, and more.

a.open studio is part of  a.network , a Communication Arts Orchestra

a.open studio is part of a.network,
a Communication Arts Orchestra